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Social media has become the primary way millennials and other digital natives stay in touch with friends, family, and coworkers. While every social app caters to a slightly different user base, there’s nothing quite like BeReal. This new social networking app is unique because it not only prioritizes authenticity above all else, but also because its creators are millennials themselves. With other apps filled with bots or ‘influencers’ creating the picture-perfect life, the millennial-led team behind BeReal has carved out a niche for their app that many other developers have overlooked. Here’s why it’s different than any other social media app out there…

BeReal Is All About Authenticity

One thing that’s clear about BeReal is that its users take authenticity very seriously. The app’s Terms of service (ToS) even include a section titled “No,” which states that BeReal will not tolerate users trying to deceive others with fake likes, follows, or other social interactions. BeReal’s creators are adamant about keeping their app clean and safe. The creators have found that the best way to cultivate an authentic social media experience is to create an app where users are forced to be themselves. The majority of social media apps, including the likes of Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, give users the ability to create an alias to mask their real identities. This leaves users susceptible to catfishing and anonymous online abuse. BeReal increases traceability and transparency rather than the image that you want to put out. It gives your audience the ability to get to know your business much better.

How BeReal Works

The way BeReal works is it prompts users to take one unedited photo a day at a random time, which changes daily. Users then have two minutes to take a photo and post it to the app before it’s marked as “late”. The app uses both the front and back cameras of the phone to create a collage and show followers exactly what is happening in that moment. They can then see their friends’ posts from the day and react with emojis or comments.

5 Reasons Why It’s Different Than Other Social Media Apps

How is BeReal different than other social media apps?

– Authenticity: As discussed above, BeReal users are forced to be authentic, so you won’t find any fake accounts or bots on the app. – No Follow: Unlike all the other social media apps, you can’t follow or be followed by other users on BeReal, but you can add ‘friends’ if they accept your request. This means you can’t see the posts of users you are not friends with and vice versa, which protects your privacy. – Screenshot Alerts: Continuing the theme of privacy, the app provides users with an alert when another user screenshots their content. Seeing as the app is supposed to be a safe, judgment-free space, this function is a great way to combat the distribution of other users’ content outside the app. – No Likes: Unlike almost every other social media app, BeReal doesn’t allow likes on posts. Instead, BeReal offers you the option to react to someone’s content using their ‘RealMoji’ feature which prompts you to capture your own version of specific emojis and pushes the platforms authenticity drive as it forces you to react to their content in real-time – No GIFS: Unlike apps like Tumblr or GIPHY, BeReal doesn’t let you post GIFs. This makes sense, though, since GIFs are usually used as a form of communication, and BeReal users want to keep their posts focused on sharing genuine thoughts and feelings.

BeReal and Business

Unlike the big 4 (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram) BeReal doesn’t currently allow businesses to create a profile to formally advertise, many businesses are starting to use the app to create a unique and more relatable experience for their audience. One example of this is e.l.f Cosmetics. They have taken to the platform to share sneak peeks of new products as well as unfiltered, unedited behind-the-scenes from e.l.f HQ. While BeReal is still new territory for many companies, its surge in popularity has made it an unavoidable new tool for marketing experts as it opens up a whole new side to businesses and bridges the gap of impersonality between businesses and their customers.

The Future Of BeReal

At the moment, BeReal is still in its early stages in comparison to its other social competitors. This means as more users download and create accounts, the creators will be able to see what works and what doesn’t and make adjustments accordingly. In the future, BeReal could revolutionize the way millennials interact online, initiating the shift to more authentic, fun content. It’s safe to say the future of BeReal poses many questions. ‘What next’ is the biggest. Following the huge popularity of TikTok and Instagrams Reels, it can be predicted that at some point in the future BeReal will give users the ability to capture a live photo/video in their 2-minute countdown. Will BeReal be here to stay or is it simply another fad trend? Who knows! While the future of BeReal is still undecided, it is clear that as of now the social platform is making a splash in the digital world.


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