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 We can provide expertise on operations, strategy, management, IT, finance, marketing, HR and supply chain management across a wide range of industries and specialisms.

        surrounding environment.  Many organisations have DR and business continuity plans, however when faced with a crisis they do          not have the experience to manage the process successfully. 

  • e2e training across the organisation from Directors to teams in preparation for a crisis.  This includes adoption of the principles.

  • Management and control of crisis management documentation and digital assets.  This includes how to document a crisis and to be in control in the event of a legal case.

  • How to review a previous crisis and implement effective change control. facilitate the transfer of best practice, diversity of thought and organisational learning.

  • Provision of guest speakers at conferences/webinars to talk about crisis management. Their stories will captivate audiences and bring to life the criticality of managing a crisis properly.

Scrumptious Consultancy has a range of exceptional leaders for crisis management workshops, organisational exercising and strategic crisis management support. 

At Scrumptious, we offer a range of different offerings based on the maturity of your organisation’s crisis management processes.  These include:

  • Review of existing crisis management processes, including all disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

  • How to recognise a crisis and when to respond.

  • Managing the crisis – how to stay in control of people and the

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We support you in understanding your vision and build robust and realistic plans.


We continue to work with you throughout your growth, adjusting and refining.


We look at your people and technology to help shape your vision.

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