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Some of our clients

We have worked with clients in a variety of sectors.

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Angloco Ltd designs, manufactures and supplies fire-fighting and rescue vehicles and equipment. It has customers in over 50 countries worldwide, supported by comprehensive after-sales service and spare parts back-up.


XB44 is a world-class provider of maritime enforcement and security solutions that has assisted clients worldwide to protect their assets and operations from a wide range of security threats. Their highly experienced team provides extensive consultancy to organisations, advises on individual projects, and delivers fully customised specialist maritime training and support to operators, advisors, team leaders, and commanders from various maritime enforcement agencies. 

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Total Safety Solutions

Total Safety Solutions develops safety equipment and training for First Responders, to monitor and eliminate threats related to the energy transition in the automotive sector.

Fire Aid

Fire Aid are an alliance of organisations and services with a mutual interest in providing ethical and sustainable donations of fire and rescue aid and training to countries facing the greatest challenges.

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Fire Industry Association

The Fire Industry Association (FIA) is a not-for-profit organisation formed originally by the merger of the Fire Extinguishing Trades Association and the British Fire Protection Systems Association.

Drivers Ltd

Drivers Ltd is a specialist Recruitment & Training company located close to Saint Mary’s Football Stadium in Southampton. Hampshire’s longest standing independent recruitment consultancy, Drivers Ltd has been providing recruitment solutions to the Transport & Logistics sector since 1983.

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Odyssey Live

Odyssey Live was designed to create a forensically robust process for the extraction of time-specific data from smart devices, for the majority of incidents requiring a law enforcement response. 

Blue Lights Digital

BLD is a leading investigation and intelligence capacity-building company. We provide capacity building and support for complex international investigations, assisting law enforcement, intelligence agencies and militaries to grow their digital investigation.

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