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A little about us

Scrumptious Consultancy are experts in the First Responder sector.  We specialise in the area of Fire and Rescue and Multi-Agency operations, and support the delivery of products and services to organisations working within the Emergency response sector.  

We are a respected team of Subject Matter Experts, experienced Principal Fire Officers, Gold Commanders and trainers.  Our customers range from Manufacturers, innovators, and training providers to Charities, local and national government organisations, With a 10 years trading history and 25 year’s experience in the First Responder field, Scrumptious Consultancy are able to provide sector knowledge to those looking to secure the delivery of high quality products and services.

Scrumptious Consultancy can deliver complex, challenging projects, provide accredited training and development for responders, evaluate current capability and grow this to cope with emerging threats and the everchanging built environment.

We will deploy our extensive UK network to deliver capability and technical solutions for global first responders.

Some of our services

Our team are experienced professionals with lived experience of life threatening and organisation impacting events.  Whether it is working with boards or senior management teams to prepare, or to consult during times of crisis, our team can help organisations react, work with staff and the media to control emergency situations with confidence.

Concept of Operations

Building a detailed system for use in a specific field by professionals enables safety and consistency for your organisation.  It helps greater collaboration opportunities and makes best use of your resources.  Scrumptious Consultancy can develop Concept of Operations (CONOPS) documentation tailored to the unique needs and objectives of our clients.  

Scrumptious Consultancy work closely with local authorities, community leaders, and stakeholders to identify, assess, and mitigate risks within the public, industry and critical national infrastructure.  Our tailored risk management strategies aim to enhance community safety, reduce vulnerabilities, and build resilience in the face of potential threats.

JESIP (Emergency Services Interoperability)

The Scrumptious Consultancy team have used JESIP to guide joint working in many emergency, critical incidents.  We know this helps ensure seamless communication, collaboration, and coordination, to maximise performance to resolve an incident.  We can teach you to become experts too.

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, businesses and first responder orgainisations must be equipped to withstand disruptions and maintain operations under adverse conditions and critically to protect their reputations.  Scrumptious Consultancy offers customised business continuity plans and solutions to help organisations of all sizes anticipate, prepare for, and recover from potential disruptions, ensuring continuity of operations and safeguarding critical assets.

Vehicles and Equipment

We provide expert guidance and support in optimising fleets and equipment for emergency response.  From vehicle selection and configuration to equipment procurement and maintenance strategies, Scrumptious Consultancy ensures that organisations have the resources they need to respond effectively to emergencies.

We can use our expertise to conduct comprehensive capability reviews to assess the readiness and effectiveness of your organisation’s capability.  We will work with you to understand your business and can use targeted training programs and exercises to enhance the skills, knowledge, and capabilities of your people.

Community Resilience

Central to our mission is the promotion of Community Resilience.  Scrumptious Consultancy collaborate with communities to foster resilience through engagement, education, and empowerment initiatives.  By building strong networks, enhancing social cohesion, and promoting preparedness measures, we help communities bounce back stronger from adversity.

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